Travel tips

Enjoy your trip to the fullest

An ounce of prevention

Health tips from wise travellers

Have a check-up before travelling, getting the green light before taking any medication, including for motion sickness, or for refilling any prescriptions so you don’t run out during the trip.

Right before departure, help prevent motion sickness in the first place: no heavy, spicy meals, just regular, light snacking and lots of water; take motion sickness medication well beforehand as indicated; try not to anticipate the worst – anxiety can actually trigger an episode, when in fact, increased exposure to the stimulation that causes motion sickness may help decrease its symptoms on future trips.1


Once underway, keep your eye on the horizon or distant views – this is less likely to make you feel queasy.

See more in the About Motion Sickness section.



Pack like a pro

Travel essentials

Medication checklist1

Remember to always keep any medication with its prescription in its original container and to keep it in your hand luggage or carry-on, never in checked baggage. Double-check with your airline, as regulations can differ from one company to the next.

Along with motion sickness medication, your kit can also include:

- If recommended, destination-specific medication
- Any prescription or over-the-counter drugs normally used at home
- 1% hydrocortisone cream (for insect bites, rashes, etc.)
- Allergy medication
- Antacids
- Antibacterial and antifungal spray/cream
- Anti-diarrheal medication
- Cold and flu medication
- Laxatives
- Pain and fever medication
- Syringes or needles for medical use (if needed)



First aid checklist1

Use a small travel case for a first aid kit to have with you that you can get to quickly and easily, containing items such as:

- Adhesive bandages
- Adhesive tape
- Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
- Antiseptic wound cleanser
- Blister pads or moleskin
- Disposable latex or vinyl gloves
- Gauze
- Packets of oral rehydration salts
- Safety pins and scissors
- Tensor bandages
- Thermometer
- Tweezers

Add any items that may be necessary in your destination country.


Cruise/travel checklist2 

Suitcase chaos can be a source of stress, too – use zipped nylon cases to create suitcase ‘compartments’ for clothes/shoes, etc.

And for cruises in particular, there are truly useful packing essentials like:

- Two bathing suits (bring one onboard in hand luggage)
- Alarm clock
- Sunscreen, sun hat and SPF lip balm
- Extra storage for cabins, e.g. an over-the-door shoe holder
- A re-usable water bottle
- Extra foldable or plastic bags, extra larger nylon bag for purchases
- Laundry alternatives: wrinkle spray, travel detergent packs
- A small power strip for additional power source in your cabin (check with your cruise line which ones are permitted)
- USB keys to store (and not lose) pictures
- Ear plugs

The official records

Always email or leave copies of your documents – passport, itineraries, reservations, etc. –at home with a trusted friend or family member.

When travelling, keep emergency contact numbers, travel insurance documents and other important information with you and easily accessible.