Frequently asked questions

What causes motion sickness and how can I relieve it?

Nearly all healthy persons can experience motion sickness under the right conditions. It is more common in children under 15 years old than in adults. Women are more susceptible, as are those who suffer from migraines. There are several proven remedies including medications like scopolamine and dymenhydrinate. Other alternatives include homeopathic and acupressure remedies, or natural ginger or peppermint tea or drops. Find helpful preventative measures and techniques in our About Motion Sickness section.

When should I use Transderm-V®?

Because 1 disc lasts for up to 3 days, Transderm-V® is ideal for long trips where you will be in motion for several consecutive days, i.e. a cruise, fishing/boating excursion, long road trips, or even long, trans-global flights.

How scopolamine works

Scopolamine is effective for the prevention of nausea and vomiting because it reduces the activity of the nerve fibers in the inner ear and acts on the motion sickness centers in the brain.

Where can I get Transderm-V®?

Transderm-V® is available without a prescription in Canada. It will be behind the counter in the pharmacy, so to purchase it simply ask your pharmacist.

Can I use the disc anywhere else on my body?

No. The disc must specifically be applied behind the ear.

Can I use Transderm-V® for more than 6 days?

No. Treatment with Transderm-V® must not exceed six days. Only one disc can be used at a time, i.e., one disc worn for 3 days behind one ear followed by a new disc worn for another 3 days behind the other ear.

Can I cut the disc in half?

No. Effectiveness has not been proven in discs that have been cut.

Can my kids use the disc?

No. Studies have not determined if it is safe for children, who are particularly sensitive to the effects of scopolamine.